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Australian Adventure Part 2

Lincoln National Park

We’d never ventured into the Park before and were gobsmacked by the stunning scenery. Having good weather was a bonus and we just fell in love with this beautiful area. Our first night was spent at Surfleet Cove, a campground of 18 sites, suitable for tents, campervans, caravans and motor homes. The park consists of some 29,000 hectares and offers a diverse range of scenery, wildlife, vegetation and walking trails with spectacular wind-sculpted cliffs, sand dunes, pounding surf, limestone cliffs, extensive woodlands and historical sites to discover.

Our second day was spent discovering more of this wonderful place ending at Cape Donington’s September Beach campground. We could have spent an entire week here but Rangers came by late afternoon and advised us to leave the Park the following morning due to extreme fire conditions expected the following day. The Park was closed to all vehicles. Indeed fires did break out, due to lightning strike, and threatened Port Lincoln for a couple of days. We returned to Louth Bay, waiting for the danger to pass.

Coffin Bay National Park

Coffin Bay is of course famous for its oysters. We drove into the National Park and stayed one night at the campground. The majority of the Park is strictly 4WD so it is only possible to see a small sample but the scenery is spectacular and we were fortunate to have beautiful weather. Emus rule this area and there were lots of Daddy emus tending to their chicks of all sizes.

It was time to hit the limestone roads and we ducked into Dutton Bay and Farm Beach before arriving at our old haunt, Frenchman Bluff. We tried our hand at fishing the conventional way and were most successful at losing our bait to voracious crabs, none large enough to eat and all smart enough to let go before being hauled out unceremoniously. Overnight we had a few spots of rain, not enough to lay the dust. Back on the bluff the Driver donned his snorkel and goggles and achieved his goal of providing us with fish for lunch. The beautiful, calm waters became turbulent as winds whipped up frenzied waves, dumping them onto the shore; another excuse to settle down to read for the afternoon while the Driver snoozed.