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Double Island Point Escape

Double Island is a coastal headland located to the north of Noosa in Queensland. The Island was named by Captain Cook while he passed by it in 1770 and named it based on the shape of the Island. The Point of Double Island is known for the abundance of marine life that can be viewed and spotted from the top of the point where the views are spectacular. Rainbow beach is another landmark known for its coloured sands, and is located just to the north of Double Island.

Getting There

There are two points of access that you can enter the Island from, those being Rainbow Beach or via the south through the town of Tewantin. The island has no road access to the Point of Double Island and it can only be reached by four-wheel drive motorhomes or caravans.

Access from the south is the most scenic route, where you will have time to take in the views from the comfort of your own motorhome. Coming from the south vehicles are able to drive along the beach and the point of access is from the town of Tewantin, by barge which takes ten minutes to cross at a cost of $7 each way. Make sure you buy a vehicle access pass, and if you plan to stay a few nights or extended period of time a permit can be bought at the rangers hut prior to accessing the Island or online.

Beach Conditions

The beach conditions are an important factor that travellers need to consider and take seriously. The amount of sand on the beach plays a big factor when accessing the beach and to keep up to date with latest news and check with the Ranger or online as to the conditions. The best time to travel on the beach is during the low tide as there is more sand to travel on and it is much harder.

Travellers need to be wary when entering the beach cutting access points and going to rainbow beach as some travellers do get bogged in the sand and require assistance from other friendly beach users. Having a tow rope is a must for safety.

See & Do  

Double Island really is a spectacular place where campers can relax and soak up the peaceful atmosphere. There are so many wonderful things to see and do and the best time of year to spot whales and dolphins is from July to November, where the whales are heading north. The best place to spot and watch the abundance of wildlife is from the Point where a historic lighthouse stands. Here you will see turtles, pods of dolphins, fish, whales, sharks and manta rays.

On top of all the wildlife to see there are many actives to indulge in including surfing, swimming, fishing, bush walking or simply relax in the comfort of your motorhome. Rainbow beach is another must see where there are huge sand dunes in spectacular colours and is a beauty in its self. Pack up your four wheel dive motorhome and head for the beach, you won't be disappointed.