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Adelaide River Blog

Yes, I have been here before, but the grass is green and mowed, water is very nice to drink, and wash. A lot has happened since the last letter, so I had better start. I did that flight from Kununurra and it was sensational, I was up front with the pilot on the wrong side for the best photos, but I am not complaining as I am very happy with the photos of a lifetime, you will see very soon. It was worth twice the amount, and is a MUST DO if you are up this way, and if you can afford the extra, include the visit to Argyle Diamond mine on the way. I wish I had, after seeing the mine from the air.
Wyndham is not on the highway, but worth the extra 100 odd kays round trip. The heritage walk is worth the effort, you actually drive with some walking. 5 rivers lookout above Wyndham is awsome, and is like being in an eagles nest looking down. It is bitumin road to the top, has BBQs, water, toilet etc so take food to enjoy at the top. I intend to revisit and stay the night at the top in the motorhome, as there is a big flat area, and they say the sunsets are the best, but I want to see the sunrise as well. Wyndham is broken into 2 as Port Wyndham is the old section and is not big enough, area wise, for the population, and new Wyndham which has the housing and some shops. They are linked with a causeway.

We have been to Derby for the rodeo, and was still inspired by the scenery on the way to Fitzroy Crossing. Between FC and Derby the country side was a little boring but the road made up for it. Did the tourist thing in Derby, and it is a pretty little town but like most towns up here does not have a main street like the towns in Queensland that I am used to. Shops are scattered everywhere and even not side by side, so you drive from shop to shop. Drove the Cadbury Van onto the Derby whalf, shaped like a U, and I have some great shots. Would love to fish it after dark. I saw the prison Boab tree, and was disappointed as the Boab tree at the Boab free camp, some 50 odd kays from the turnoff to Derby, was 3 times bigger, had a hole you could climb in, and you could walk up and touch it, even had camp fires under it, all of which you could not do at the prison tree.
>From Derby, I travelled to the rodeo and camp draft for 3 days at Pussycat bore on Montejinni station at Top Springs which is about 160kms south off the Victoria River/ Katherine highway. At Top Springs there was a fuel station (not service station), pub, supplies, (very basic and expensive) and a caravan park with no caravans, all combined, diesel $2.00 a litre. Pussycat has a rodeo ground, bar, with shade, toilets, showers and huge generator for power. Photos show all. Top Springs to Pussycat is 30kms of pure red bull dust, not so corrigated on the way in, but very bad on the way out with all the traffic. The Varity bash car rally was at Top Springs on the Saturday night, but we did not see them as I was hoping.
The road to Borroloola was bad in a couple of places where the road /bridges had been damaged by floods, but generally it had been improved since 2010, when I last travelled it.The water at the rodeo had e coli so was not fit to drink, thankfully my large water tanks held out. Three of us got out on the Monday and travelled to Little River free camp, not in my Camps book, but one of the best around with permanent water in the river that is clean and clear with no handbags in the water. We stayed for 3 days, just enjoying the place and good company before moving on.There is nothing like a pork roast, with roast vegies, gravy cooked in a webber, with a good bottle of red enjoyed with friends, just feet from a nice river with the night birds calling out to you.
The Merc is booked in for its first service in Darwin on 6th Sept, and it will have the recall done as well. So I am here at Adelaide River, cleaning bull dust both inside and out as well as washing clothes and bed linen. The motorhome does not leak bull dust but it comes in when the windows are open. When the wind blows, always, you cannot see the dust but it is always in the air and it gets on to everything. Put a cup down for an hour, when you lift it, there is a ring on the bench where the cup was. I kid you not. My hair ran red when I washed it, my shaving foam was red in my beard when I shaved.
I will stock up on provisions in Darwin, more variety and much cheaper, before heading to Katadu over a new way via Darwin. First stop is Gunbalanya, old name of Oenpelli, which is 13 kms into Arnhem Land, over the crossing at East Alligator River when it is low tide. None of us have been there before, but we are guests of the elders, so we should be looked after. Jabiru is after that, which was massive last year.

So until next time when I am back at AR after Jabiru, stay safe as I love you all, and would miss you. Speaking of safe, I was coming back from Little River, where there were kays of gravel detour, 20kph max., and of course I met wide road trains in the middle of it. Stopped as far to the left as I could but could not get off the causeway as there was water on both sides with a drop down of 2 metres. Stayed in the same place for the second, and when he was 100 metres from me, a tyre rolled out of the dust straight at me. I could not move, nowhere to go, and I could see it coming up the bonnet, over the windscreen, up the front wind defector, onto the roof. It stopped just before me. It was one of the spares under the truck, on the horizontal, we did not know how it became vertical and roll. We blocked the whole highway, side by side, whilst we retrieved and refixed the tyre. I thought this is going to make a bigger mess than when Pam hit an eagle on the way to Derby.