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A Must See Adventure in Sawtell

A favourite place is Sawtell a small township located on the mid North Coast of New South Wales bounded by Boambee Creek to the north, Bonville Creek to the south, the Great Dividing Range to the west and the sparkling Pacific Ocean to the East. These roads and ranges make Sawtell a great place to access from any point while in your very own motor home.

The town was once a small fishing village and now Sawtell is fast becoming a popular destination for families, motor home users as well as ‘the greying nomads'.

Best Way to See Sawtell

Camping is the most liberating form of holidaying, whether you choose a tent, motor home or campervan – all will give you unrestricted access to many wonderful destinations. Whatever your choice each has its pros and cons, tents can take time to erect, caravans can be difficult to juggle into the camping site, while campervans have to be unhooked to see the sights!  

Our choice is a small motor home, easy to drive and very manoeuvrable. To overcome the problem of seeing the area’s attractions two bikes are carried on a portable bike rack. Setting up is so easy – drive into the site, plug into the electricity, set up the awning, put the outside chairs and tables up then relax. 

Where to Stay

Sawtell is a large caravan park sitting on the hillside above Bonville Creek (good for fishing and kayaking) and is only a short walk from the beach and town centre. The park is well maintained and offers a full range of accommodation.

The caravan park offers large selections of powered sites for your motor home where you have the choice from cement slab grass with shade.  Another good idea is to bring a fit-all plug as these can come in useful. Local tourist attractions can often be booked through the tourist park office. The parks facilities and BBQ area are a good place to socialise with fellow travellers and this can often be the social centre of the park. While enjoying these facilities your fellow travellers are more than happy to tell you all the places “you mustn’t miss” – the unofficial travel agents!

Activates and Sites to See

Activities are centred on the water – great surfing reefs, swimming either at a ‘surf patrolled beach’, rock pool or the swimming centre which is located at the entrance to the Caravan Park.  A recent addition to the activities is the completion of the ‘Coastal Walk’ – a track starting at Sawtell Headland and finishing at Red Rock – some 60km up the coast. There are some great cycle tracks and a nearby velodrome for the enthusiastic cyclist.

The town centre offers a range of shops - the most popular being the cafes spilling out on to the pavement under the huge fig trees. Truly a wonderful place to stay for a few days or an extended holiday- a definite must see when on the road and in the comfort of your own motorhome.