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Touch of Paradise Part 10

My brother, Darryl is asking for my next blog, so here goes!
Next stop – Bowen, a pretty sea-side town with very wide streets. We went up to the Flagstaff Hill lookout and coffee shop. To our disappointment, the coffee shop was closed for the day. (Luckily, the “coffee shop” in A Touch of Paradise was open.) But the views were magnificent. The blues of the sea and sky were glorious. Some of the Whitsunday Islands were visible from the lookout.
We drove out to Airlie Beach from Proserpine just for a look. It is much bigger than I had expected and obviously a Tourist Destination. We went for a lovely walk along the Bi-centennial Walkway. After using one of the public toilets, Gerard came out chuckling, so I sent him back with my camera to photograph the pictures overlooking the urinals. When I asked which one he used, he was non-committal!
We then shot down to Shute Harbour (pun intended) and later tried to find a nearby waterfall but when the dirt road gave no indication of distance, we turned back. We went for coffee at a coffee plantation (Whitsunday Gold Coffee Plantation – Trader Pete’s) back on the Bruce Hwy and had our first chocolate for months. They put 2 chocolate-coated coffee beans on each of our saucers and the temptation was too much. They were delicious and the best chocolate-coated coffee beans I have ever had as there was more chocolate and only a tiny coffee bean.
St Helen’s Beach was our next camp spot where the caretaker was supposed to come around to collect our money, but didn’t. Wintermoon was pretty but not level, so we didn’t stay. Kuttabul was our next stop but this place is a dump. We wouldn’t want to stay there again.
Finch-Hatton Showgrounds was a lovely place to stay. We went up to Eungella to the markets and noticed the SES and a police officer consulting a map. There are lovely views of the valley from the top. Then we went to Finch-Hatton Gorge. Two more SES vehicles here were taking up valuable space in the very small car parking area, which is why we took particular notice. The walk to Araluen Cascades was not too strenuous and the views of the cascades made it worthwhile, but the sun was at the wrong angle for good photos.
We heard later on the TV news that a man was missing in the dense rainforest of the area – hence the SES presence. We can but hope he will be found safe but it does not look good for him.
While in Mackay, I wore make-up for the first time since Darwin and GERARD DIDN’T NOTICE!!! So no more make-up now as it is not worth the effort.
Before leaving Mackay we had a look at the harbour and were amazed we could drive out on the massive breakwater. We saw loading facilities for sugar, grain and coal.