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Touch of Paradise Part 2

When we arrived at Camooweal Billabong, we thought we were in paradise (hang
on - we were in Paradise - A Touch of Paradise - the name of our motorhome).
The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the waterlilies were blooming and the
birds were playing in the water. It was perfect. And we had phone and
internet access as well as television reception. What could be better!

After dark, the clouds rolled in, we had thunder and lightning and the rain
came. Next morning everything looked very bleak and muddy. We looked at the
muddy tracks of the 4x4's and seriously doubted that we could get out. We
had plenty of food, water and power and could have sat it out for a few days
BUT ... the toilet cassette was too full to last another day. It continued
to drizzle off and on and the cold wind was blowing. We thought (foolishly)
that we had come to sunny Qld. After lunch, Gerard went for a walk and found
a way we could escape and escape we did. But we were back in winter clothes
that we hadn't expected to use again for months.

We went on to Mt Isa and then headed up to Normanton (there were parts of
that road I didn't enjoy driving). Here we turned East along the Savannah
Way to Mt Surprise. We had travelled as far as Croydon before so it has been
a fairly quick trip thus far. But from now on we are to act like tourists
and not just travellers.