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Touch of Paradise Part 6

On our way to Cooktown we spent two nights in a freecamp near Mt Molloy. Then on our way north we spent a night at Palmer River CP. We won’t make that mistake again. We were told to park near the tents which turned out to be very close to the huge generator which went until after midnight.
At Cooktown we stayed at Endeavour River Escape which is a few kilometres north, but with 5Km of dirt road. This is a lovely spot – no power but everything else one could need. The sites are large and ours was secluded. The ablutions are fairly new. The hosts are friendly. There are interesting walks to do, and they grow magnificent passionfruit. You can fish in the river, or take your boat (if you have one) elsewhere along the river.
Cooktown itself has an interesting history. The James Cook Museum in the restored convent is well worth a visit. There are lots of artefacts to see and information to read there, and the restoration of the building is excellent. Trying to imagine how it must have been for the nuns who came there directly from Ireland in woollen Habits, stretched my imagination. I read how each of the nuns had certain responsibilities and on an occasion one nun was left behind to pray. All she could think to pray was ‘Lord, please send a breeze”. Obviously it must have been the wet season because when we were there it was windy. The locals told us it was always windy and the wind only stops in the wet season. The museum also houses the anchor and cannon from Cook’s barque, The Endeavour.
We wandered about the town looking at the sights and made sure we bought some local seafood.
On our way south again, we checked out the historic Lion’s Den Hotel, and spent a night at Lakeland before returning to Mt Molloy. Although this is a 48hr camp, there were at least two groups still there from when we were there a week before. There could have been others – these were camped at the end where we were – there could have been others down the other end. I find this disappointing as it is these people who spoil it for the rest of us. There are too few freecamps and I feel we should not abuse the privilege of them.
We only had one minor mishap when all our plates fell from an overhead cupboard because someone, who shall remain nameless (it wasn’t me), left the cupboard door open after we had stopped for coffee. Oh well, these things happen! We are now looking for a cheap shop to replace them.