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Touch of Paradise Part 7

Shall I tell you of our trials at Cape Tribulation?
I accept that our experience may not be everyone’s but from a few hours after we arrived at Daintree until the day after we left Cape Tribulation, it rained nearly all the time. And the mossies !!!
We went for a boat ride on the River from Daintree. Fortunately there was only a little bit of drizzle at the time. But the promised sightings of birds and crocodiles did not eventuate (only one croc).
We stayed at PK’s Jungle Camp at Cape Tribulation. On our first afternoon, we fluked a dry part of the afternoon to walk to the lookout. But the next day our planned walk was thwarted by rain. We had planned to stay a couple more nights at another camp ground but decided to just visit the Discovery Centre to do the self-guided boardwalk through the rainforest and then leave the Cape as quickly as we could. The mossies rejoiced when they saw me but I quickly spoiled their fun with heaps of repellent. I received quite a few bites anyway but because of The Sandfly & Mossie Stuff, they did not cause me to itch for two weeks. Although the Discovery Centre is very well done and very interesting, I wouldn’t recommend PK’s Jungle Camp. It would be possible, if the weather was fine, to catch the ferry over, see the lookout, look at the beach, visit the Discovery Centre and maybe the Tea place and return all in one day.
We were there long enough to see how thick and impenetrable much of the rainforest is.