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Touch of Paradise Part 8

We came to Queensland for the sun. The advertising says “Beautiful one day, perfect the next.” Which one is beautiful – the one where it rains nearly all day, or the overcast and grey day? We feel like asking for our money back, but don’t know where to apply!!!!!
At Mossman we had a few dry periods and were able to get out a bit. We went to Pt Douglas for the markets and to walk the town and take a cruise on the Lady Douglas which took us up an inlet. It was a relaxing trip as we looked at moored yachts and crocodiles and heard local stories.
We went to Mossman Gorge where they have recently opened a new interpretive centre. It is very swish and will look amazing when the plants grow. From here we were taken up to the gorge in a bus. Unfortunately a bridge on the main walk was closed for repairs so we couldn’t go far. It is quite a pretty spot but I wouldn’t bother to go back again.

From here we drove to Palm Cove, a northern beach of Cairns. By this time it was extremely windy. We stayed for three nights at the Caravan Park which is being upgraded. One day we used our Seniors Cards and caught the bus in to Cairns where we walked for a few hours and then caught it back again. We paid $5.40 each which we thought was good value for an hour on the bus each way and no parking worries. As it turned out, parking in Cairns was at a premium that day due to NAIDOC activities. There was a market on the foreshore at Palm Cove in the evening. I don’t know how it went as the wind was blowing a gale. We felt sorry for the brides who had chosen to be married on the beach on Saturday as the wind was still very strong.

We then spent three more nights in Cairns. It was raining but we really wanted to do the rail trip to Kuranda and visit the Reef. So we went ahead and booked our tickets. On the first day it was wet with low clouds but we were dry on the train. There was a pre-recorded commentary which talked about the making of the railway and pointed out things to see. But when it said “From the right side of the train you will be able to see over Cairns and out to Green Island”, we looked at the curtain of white cloud, shook our heads and said, “Not today”.

In Kuranda, we stayed at the RaIlway Station for a light lunch before heading back to Cairns on the Skyrail. It was too wet to go walking and we had visited Kuranda earlier in our trip. Again on the way back we were shrouded in white cloud. It was quite eerie flying through white nothingness with gondolas appearing out of the mist as they came towards us on their way up the mountain. We didn’t do the rainforest walks on the way down because of the rain. When we reached the bottom, we were surprised to see an attendant with a squeegee clean the front window of the gondola and then say, “Smile for the camera”.
Next day we were out the front early in light rain waiting to be picked up for our trip to Green Island. When we reached the wharf, the rain was heavier and as we were boarding the photographer was taking everyone’s photo. We refused to relinquish our umbrellas (after all, this is ‘sunny’ Qld). It was windy as well which made the trip out to Green Island a little bumpy. We saw whales cavorting in the water as we approached Green Island. We had chosen the glass bottom boat option rather than snorkelling. The fish we saw were amazing.

By this time the wind was nearly blowing us off the jetty and we were glad when it was time to return. The return trip was quite rough with water spraying up over the boat as heavy waves hit us. The few foolhardy souls who chose to stand outside up the front as we returned were absolutely soaked.
All in all it was a good day, but we were relieved to wake up on our last morning with the clouds clearing and the sun shining. It didn’t last...but that is another story.