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Design Philosophy

Paradise Luxury Motor Homes patented innovative designs and copyrighted layouts continue to bring you the next generation in outstanding luxury motorhomes. Using advanced construction technology, materials and composites we have created a stunning range of motorhomes, many of which can be driven on a standard licence at highway speeds. Every model in our award winning range has been engineered to ensure that your motorhoming experience is without compromise.

We are exceptionally proud of the success of our award winning range which began with our very first motorhome the "Castaway" based on the Mercedes Sprinter. Its unique design saw it awarded with "Best Touring Motorhome 2002" when it was described as a "miniature flagship" in the judging.

In 2003 our "Liberation" won "Most Innovative Motorhome". This extraordinary design introduced four world firsts for a motorhome driven on a standard car licence these included not just one but two slide outs. Further development saw the "Liberation" awarded with 'Motorhome of the Year" 2004 and 2005 and "Best Luxury Motorhome" 2004 and 2005. To quote industry sources, Paradise "have taken the industry by storm" with their cutting edge designs and engineering.

We attribute our success to our unique designs and innovative layouts, engineered with the best quality materials and construction techniques available. Paradise has been recognised as leading the world in this area with manufacturers from both the UK and USA seeking to reproduce and/or market our product overseas, and more recently expanding our distribution into the New Zealand market.  

Key innovations developed and introduced by Paradise into motorhomes are:

  • The introduction of one and two slide outs on a motorhome being driven on a car license
  • The introduction of standard use "island" double or queen beds
  • The inclusion of the rear ensuite with shower and separate toilet
  • The practical use of the front cabin with swivelling captains chairs with an additional third captains chair to create a roomy dining and lounge area
  • The widened cab design dramatically increasing the front living area of the motorhome whilst maintaining accessibility to the cabin

Paradise's use of superior materials has allowed us to dramatically reduce weight whilst substantially increasing the strength and insulation of our motorhomes. These weight saving products have allowed Paradise the freedom to introduce many new innovations and luxury features not available from any other manufacturer.

To protect our innovations and designs, Paradise Luxury Motor Homes has patents covering the production of our motorhomes. We also have additional protection with Australian Registered Designs which protect the shape and outward appearance of our motorhomes whilst ensuring compliance to the most stringent standards for the ultimate aim of ongoing safety of our customers.

For further information, please contact Paradise Luxury Motor Homes where we offer personalised, friendly service where the customer has one on one contact with the designer and talented manufacturing team.

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