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Peter Djurovich Inspiration Black Edition

There are many different Motorhome design layouts and options to choose from these days. So
why did we make the decision to choose the Paradise Supreme, as our preference for a luxury
We started with a list of our preferred design features and accessories, that could be installed or
adapted to fit for our soon to be chosen manufacturers design layout. We found many
Motorhome manufacturers were reluctant to make relatively simple design changes, or they only
offered limited options and non changeable equipment or accessories. Not so with Surfers
Paradise based Paradise Motorhomes. We sat down with the team in their Biggera Waters
manufacturing facility and explained our ideas and changes we wanted for one of their existing
designs. The engineers then drew up the changes to scale on their CAD system, to ensure
dimensions were as expected and confirm the options could be built.
We have very much enjoyed camping over the past 30 years. During this time we have owned
tents, a pop-top, a camper trailer and most recently a caravan, so we had a pretty good idea of
our RV lifestyle requirements. Besides not compromising on the need for a fridge near the door,
full queen sized island bed (no cut corners), full length wardrobes, all as standard features, the
number one additional feature we wanted but could not find was to have an outdoor kitchen that
was quick and easy to set-up.
It has only been in the last few years that caravans have had slide-out sinks and benchtops
supplied as an option, most without connected drainage and many with only a cold water supply.
We found in the range of motorhomes we looked at that it was uncommon to find an outdoor sink
and benchtop. Paradise changed their standard bin design to provide us with two outside storage
bins, as inside above the bins are the large wardrobes.
We wanted a fully plumbed sink (hot & cold water and sealed drainage) and Paradise MH
provided the external plumbing connections as requested. I made some compact bracket mounts
for each bin located on the MH awning side, which can stay installed or removed for cleaning.
The second part of the brackets are made to be adjustable in height so when the benchtop is
installed it is approximately 900mm off the ground - even when the MH is up on its hydraulic legs.
It takes only a few minutes to push in the secondary brackets, then unload the sink and hoses
and make the quick hose connections. The drain is connected to a 12v pump to take the water
around the chassis and into the top of the grey water tank. No smelly buckets and still complying
with National Park requirements of waste water storage/disposal. Oh the convenience of
everyone in camp cleaning their own dishes with hot water. Then you just retrieve the benchtop
extension from under the bed and clip it to the sink benchtop and then you have a 1500mm
benchtop with fully plumbed sink.
The Paradise Supreme has a 3rd passenger seat (with an optional seat belt) located behind the
rotatable front passenger seat. A built in drop down table is fitted between these seats so this
setup becomes the day to day indoor dining table or mobile office desk. The cupboard
underneath is not the easiest to access. We decided to have another external fold-out table
installed outside, but modified it so there is an access hole to allow storage of things like a kettle
and toaster. We felt this was more practical and more accessible storage for under the table. The
outdoor fold down table also suffices for those quick simple breakfast preparations using a toaster
and/or kettle. For a group breakfast the outdoor table is where we place our espresso coffee
machine (we are from Melbourne after all) for quicker cafe quality coffee supply.
Our favourite Paradise Inspiration design features and accessories:
● The 4.5 mtr slide out providing a large indoor space and seating for 5-6 adults.
● The full queen size island bed with no rounded or cut-off corners.
● The his and hers wardrobes, shelved clothing cupboard and pantry.
● Diesel (vehicle tank) fuelled ducted heating system.
● The Truma gas hot water system that has the capacity for two people to shower one after
the other - performs like an instantaneous system yet uses little gas.
● The huge 900mm wide by 750 deep shower with a roller blind door, rather than glass.
● 3kg Dometic front load washing machine.
● Fold out kitchen bench extension table, above the visitors leather bench seat.
● Self leveling hydraulic jacks.
● Electric roll-out awning.
● Then there is the Enerdrive 300Ah Lithium battery and 2600 watt voltage inverter to power
everything via the 3 x 150 watt solar panels. Besides the espresso machine we can use a
portable induction cooktop on fire danger days, electric kettle, air conditioning, 240 volt
32” TV and run a small toaster oven outdoors - however not all at once.
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The only negatives with our MH are in our opinion:
● Non dimmable ceiling and outdoor LED lights - they are very bright..
● Even though the Iveco cabin is insulated, the noise and tiny speakers make it very difficult
for Bluetooth phone calls. Using the main MH sound system gives you clear sound but
the microphone needs to be extended into the cabin.
All up only minor complaints, so all we need to do is transition from semi retirement to full
retirement and then we will really be able to enjoy our mobile holiday home the way we want.
Well done to Paradise Luxury Motorhomes and every staff member we interacted with - from
reception, to sales and service staff. Happy travels.

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