About Us.

Who we are?

Paradise Motor Homes is a manufacturing, sales and service provider within the Recreational Vehicle industry.
We predominately specialise in cab chassis and van conversions on the Iveco or Mercedes platform.
We currently employee over 50 employees throughout
Queensland and New South Wales.
In March 2019, Paradise Motor Homes management
released an ambitious strategy to our dedicated employees.

A Vision for the next five years
and beyond.

Our vision is to be the market leader of luxury mobile leisure,
providing our customers with the safest product to choose their own adventure.
At Paradise Motor Homes, we want to exceed expectations. This will be achieved by engaging with like minded talent and suppliers, who share the same passion, quality, constant improvement, innovation and sustainability

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How will we achieve our vision?

At Paradise, our relationship does not end when you sign the contract. You can take confidence from the fact that the company selling you your motorhome is the company building you your motorhome. It is also the company that can service and maintain your motorhome throughout its life. We want your journey and our journey to be shared. We are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional experience, starting from the initial sales
discussions, right through to ensuring your investment is maintained. To improve on our customer’s experience, we have developed a customer service excellence training programme for our front office staff.

We are also committed to reviewing our production procedures to ensure our systems are consistent and include process improvement documentation. As part of this exercise, we are formalising gate checks between sections as well as the continuance Production Quality Assurance sign off, and have now introduced a Pre-delivery Quality Assurance sign off, for your peace of mind.
Safety has always been the hallmark of a Paradise Motorhome.

At all times, we strive to exceed Australian Design Rules and government regulations to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones and all road users.
We believe that a commitment to safety is not just about the product, but also about the employee who is responsible for the creation of this world class product. As such we have embarked on an extensive work, health and safety management system with an external partner.

We believe that in the longer term this will cement our end to end commitment to safety and improve growth, sustainability and development of our brand, ultimately your journey.

Safety and Quality Features

Body Strength & Rollover Protection

Combining the advanced composite body panels structural strength, with our unique built-in high tensile alloy rollover frame, we have achieved an unrivalled level of safety that has already proven its value on the road. Features include:
• Durable one-piece fibreglass walls and domed roof.
• One-piece composite floor panel – superior insulation, noise reduction and durability.
• PMH patented slide-out – adding structural strength to frame.
These features are not only fire safe, they also avoid rust and water damage issues that adversely affect the safety and durability of motorhomes with steel frames, plywood floors and walls.

Incredible Slide-out Strength & Durability

Paradise manufactures its slide-outs as an integral part of our motorhome’s chassis. As Paradise’s slide-outs increase in length, the more supporting members the frame gains, ensuring strength and durability is maintained and
not comprised.

Interlocking Cabinetry

Paradise’s interlocking cabinet construction has achieved remarkable strength and durability with a unique dovetailed design, you will not find anything safer or stronger. Our cabinets and drawers are fitted with an Electro-Magnetic Locking System, which has been pulled tested to prevent cooking equipment and utensils and other personal belongings flying through the cabin, increasing your personal safety if a road accident were to occur.

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Peace of Mind.

There are a number of features included in our motorhomes that provide the owner and passengers piece of mind, like when the handbrake is released and our patented Auto-locking Cabinetry  is activated, the electric entry step retracts and options like the levelling jacks and satellite dish pack away just in
case you missed them on your departure list.

Exterior Colours

Paradise Motor Homes use and recommend Cromax 2K paint. The Cromax Coating System is designed especially for high quality, professional and accurate auto paint finishes, offering longevity and protection against Australia’s harsh conditions.

Have a sales or technical question?

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